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 Jim Gill

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MUSIC PLAY for Folks of All
MUSIC PLAY for Folks of All
Item Price: $17.00

ALA Award Winner! 15 brand new songs. There are clap-alongs, finger plays, pretend games and imaginative dances. Beethoven's Five Finger Play, Johnny Cuckoo, The Onomatopoeia Pizzeria. Bonus DVD included.

Item Price: $17.00

14 new "music play" songs - sing-alongs, dance-alongs, clap-alongs, jump-alongs, finger plays and other games. Features a wide range of musical styles, such as jazz, a brass band, bluegrass an accordian and a string quartet.

YOW!, Stick To The Glue, All Filled Up, Your Face Will Surely Show It, Strings On My Banjo, Oh Hey Oh Hi Hello, Jim Gill's Lullaby, Doughnuts, Tickle Toe, Let's Dance Now & more.

It's hard not to move to Jim's songs with music from Broadway to square dance to jazz. Tromboning, Jump Up Turn Around, Backwards Day, Rhythm In My Fingers, Swing Your Partner, Crazy Shoes Theme, Hello, I Must be Going and more.

The Sneezing Song (food allergies), Hands Are For Clapping, Old Sock Stew, I Took A Bath In A Washing Machine, Poison Ivy, The Hi Dee Ho Man, Silly Dance Contest, Spaghetti Legs, The Banana Song, Leaky Umbrella and more.