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Item Price: $22.00
Item Number: BMB04CD

By Charles Mathews

76 minute double length CD containing 47 repeated piano melodies for a complete ballet class. It offers a unique collection of original, familiar & classical music without singing or vocal instructions. Tracks at the Barre are long and repeated while the Centre music is extra long to accommodate several groups or long exercises. Even includes classical pieces from Mozart and Chopin.

Song Titles:
1. Reverence Improvisational (Mathews)
2 & 3. Warmup at the Barre Fascination (Marchetti)
4 & 5. Plies Quartet -La Sonnambula (Bellini)
6 & 7. Battement Tendu 2nd Var. Grand Pas Classique (Auber)
8 & 9. Battement Glisse Kobold (Grieg)
10 & 11. Battement Glisse Slavonic Dance No. 8 (Dvorak)
12 & 13. Battement Jete 1st Female Var. -Giselle (Burgmuller)
14 & 15. Rond de Jambe Walzer Op. 38 (Grieg)
16 & 17. Battement Fondu Alfredo’s Aria -Traviata (Verdi)
18 & 19. Battement Frappe Rodetsky March (Strauss)
20 & 21. Adage La Favorita (Donizetti)
22 & 23. Grand Battement Grand March -Norma (Bellini)
24 & 25. Grand Battement en Cloche Albrecht’s Var. -Giselle (Adam)
26 & 27. Stretching at the Barre The Swan -Carnival of Animals (Saint-Saens)
28. Port de Bras Nocturne -Les Sylphides (Chopin)
29. Adage Pavane in F-Sharp Minor (Faure)
30. Adage Greensleeves (Trad.)
31. Battement Tendu Pas de Six -Les Rendezvous (Auber)
32. Battement Tendu & Pirouette 2nd Air de Ballet (Rossini)
33. Pirouettes en Diagonal Waltz of the Flowers -Nutcracker (Tchaikovsky)
34. Pirouettes en Diagonal Waltz in C-Sharp Minor Op.64 (Chopin)
35. Warmup Jumps Polly Wolly Doodle (Trad.)
36. Assemble Galop -La Prophete (Mayerbeer)
37. Jetes Elite Syncopations (Joplin)
38. Sissones Male Var. -Les Rendezvous by (Auber)
39. Grand Allegro Male Solo Act III -Don Quixote (Minkus)
40. Grand Allegro Male Solo -Giselle (Burgmuller)
41. Tour en L’air Tour en L’air (Mathews)
42. Fouettes Hungarian Dance No. 4 (Brahms)
43. Manege Coda -Le Corsaire (Adams)
44. Pointe-Warmup The Sailor’s Hornpipe (Trad.)
45. Pointe-Passe Silver Fairy Var. -Sleeping Beauty (Tchaikovsky)
46. Pointe-Ballone Horn Concerto No. 4 (Mozart)
47. Port de Bras & Reverence Nocturne No. 20 in C-Sharp Minor (Chopin)