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Item Number: MGR001CD

Songs Fight Childhood Obesity.  The Musigo Kids sing songs that are alive with activity!  Inspire your youngsters to move and have fun while learning important concepts essential to healthy development.  Ideas for use in a classroom, in the gym or even outdoors.


Song Titles:

  1. Shake
  2. Two Sides (spoken word)
  3. That’s Right
  4. In the Swing
  5. ‘Bee’ing Silly (spoken word)
  6. Going to School
  7. Give Me an ‘A’
  8. You’ve Got the Groove
  9. Opposites (spoken word)
  10. Razzmatazz
  11. I Am Getting Bigger
  12. Stretches (spoken word)
  13. Open Your Eyes
  14. My Little Trike
  15. Bike Ride
  16. Swing My Arms
  17. Ivy’s Cousin (spoken word)
  18. Rhythm of the Shore
  19. Wilbur’s Wiggling Three-Ring Circus
  20. Jump Up
  21. Big Nostrils (spoken word)
  22. Going to the Zoo
  23. When the Sun Shines Down on Me
  24. Fly My Kite
  25. Plus Baby Bonus
  26. Peek-a-Boo