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The year is filled with adventure, changes in weather, holidays and warm memories. Add to the fun of learning about the seasons, weather, holidays and special times. A great resource for every classroom and library. Come build a snowman, make a Valentine, fly a kite and play in fall leaves as you learn with these monthly songs.

AGES: 4 to 6
ISBN-10: 0-937124-90-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-9371-2490-1

Song List

1. Let's Sing the
   Months of the Year
2. January
3. February
4. March
5. April
6. May
7. June
8. July
 9. August
10. September
11. October
12. November
13. December
14. The Four Seasons
15. Speech Excerpt, 1963
Martin Luther King Jr., I Had a Dream