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Each bilingual pack includes one Eng. Book & CD and one SP. Book & CD in a Large hang-up bag.

Item Price: $37.95

Everyones favorite teddy bear has an adventurous night in the toy store after closing time. But the next morning he is happy that a little girl buys him and takes him home with her.

HOLA MAR (Hello Ocean)
Item Price: $18.95

A wonderful picture book of a day at the ocean, as seen through the eyes, ears, nose, taste, and feel of a little girl. The illustrations are so realistic and beautiful. (Eng. & Sp)

This whimsical poem, presented bilingually with a Spanish translation, tells of birds, armadillos and other creatures who join together in a kitchen to make merry beneath the desert moon.

This Caldecott medal winner recounts the adventures of Peter, a little boy in the city and his delight on a very snowy day in the city.

Singalingo's: EN ME CASA
Singalingo's: EN MI CASA
Item Price: $15.95

Upbeat Songs in Spanish About Kids' Everyday Activities! Songs are sung in Spanish. Children ages 1-6 learn Spanish through 17 upbeat songs about kids' everyday activities! NAPA Award Winner. Lyrics and English translations are included.

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